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A transcript is a written record of what was said during a case heard in a court or tribunal.

There are two (2) types of transcripts, daily and standard.  Most transcripts prepared are standard transcripts that are requested after the completion of a case.

A daily transcript is prepared at the end of each day during a trial, but only in cases where the judge has requested a daily transcript.

Who can request a transcript?

Any party or legal representative in a case can request a standard transcript. A registrar or judge will determine an application for a transcript by non-parties. The person requesting must provide the reason for requesting the transcript and the intended purpose.

Only a party or legal representative in a case may request a daily transcript. A daily transcript is not available in every trial or hearing, it is only available in cases where the judge has expressly requested daily transcripts be prepared. The judge will advise the parties in the case that daily transcripts have been requested.

How much do transcripts cost?

Check the transcript fees that apply to the District Court

Refer to the fee waiver guidelines if you are seeking for the fee to be waived or postponed.

How do you order a transcript?

Order online

Transcripts and recordings can be ordered through the Online Registry, provided users have an account. 

You will be able to order, track, process, pay and receive transcripts in one location. 

If you are not already registered for the Online Registry, you can create an online registry account. You will be asked to verify your identity. 


  1. Log into the Online Registry.
  2. Navigate to the transcripts tab
  3. Request a transcript online. You will be guided through the necessary approval and billing processes. 
  4. Check the progress of your transcript order at any stage by logging back into the online registry.

Download and lodge an order form

If you are unable to use the online ordering service, a written request must be made to order a transcript.

Forms for ordering transcripts are available at this link. Standard transcripts - In most cases a transcript will be provided approximately four weeks after the date ordered. If the transcript is required urgently, you should specify the date required on the order form. Every effort will be made to provide the transcript sooner, however, no guarantee is offered.

Daily transcripts - are provided the same day if the court session is finished by 4pm, otherwise the transcript will be provided the next working day.

The transcript form is an agreement by the person requesting a daily transcript to receive a transcript for each day of the trial or hearing and to pay the cost of the preparation and supply of a daily transcript.

If you decide at any time during the hearing that you no longer wish to receive a daily transcript you will need to contact the court registry to advise.

Can you make additional copies of transcripts?

No. Transcripts are subject to Crown copyright. Transcripts cannot be photocopied or used in any other way without permission. 

Last updated:

08 May 2023

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